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Energy saving, high efficiency and practical advantages of Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reactor
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reactor attracts more and more customers with energy-saving, high-efficiency and practical features. It is a set of units consisting of a variety of equipment, in which the reactor is eliminated from the outer jacket, and the inner coil is heated and replaced. The heat effect is better, and it is easy to avoid the convulsion of the kettle in the domestic resin factory.


Moreover, after the jacket is removed, the energy is greatly saved; when the coil is in the kettle, the coil is in contact with the material 100%, the heat exchange effect is good, and there is no short-flow or cross-flow. The jacket will have a gap with the inner cylinder when it is made, and the space is also large, and the jacket oil is about 65%. After eliminating the jacket, the energy can be saved by more than 50%; the weight of the equipment is also reduced, which can reduce the load on the equipment and save the capital cost.


In addition, the fractionation column in the Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reactor is lengthened and lengthened, and the redistributor is added to prevent wall flow; the stainless steel Pall ring is installed to ensure that the material water vapor fully collides and the fractionation effect is achieved; when the dilution kettle is diluted, the resin The material distributor is used at the inlet, and the materials can be evenly distributed in a short time to prevent the material from being cooled when it is concentrated.


A condenser is also provided in the unsaturated polyresin device to minimize the volatilization of styrene to achieve environmental protection and energy saving effects; and all the bottom of the stirred tank is equipped with a wear steel sleeve to avoid long-term wear and damage to the stirring shaft. Avoid replacing the shaft and reduce the maintenance cost in the future; in short, the reasonable design and configuration make the unsaturated poly-resin equipment have the characteristics of large processing capacity, low energy loss, high treatment efficiency and lower COD of wastewater after distillation treatment. And the operation is simple.