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Jacketed Reactor

  • Jacketed Heating Agitating Vessel

    Jacketed Heating Agitating Vessel

    Jacketed heating agitating vessel introduction This jacketed heating agitating vessel tank with agitator combines the function of mixing, blending, dissolving, heating, cooling, circulation, etc. Suit for mixing and blending various materials. Features a. Cover can be lifted...Read More

  • Jacketed Mixing Vessel Tank

    Jacketed Mixing Vessel Tank

    Jacketed mixing vessel tank introduction Jacketed mixing vessel tank is mainly suitable for preparation of liquid detergents (such as cleanser essence, shampoo, and shower gel etc.). Integrating blending ,dispersing ,heating and cooling etc. functions. The reacting machine is...Read More

  • Steam Jacketed Vessel

    Steam Jacketed Vessel

    Steam Jacketed Vessel introduction Steam jacketed vessel is a kind of excellent corrosion resistant equipment. With heating boiler, automatic heating, clean, no environmental pollution, flexible operation, high production efficiency. Application 1). Resin: alkyd resin,epoxy...Read More

  • Reactor Jacket Design

    Reactor Jacket Design

    Reactor jacket design introduction Jacket reactor equipment is a kind of vessel whose main body is made of high quality carbon steel. It has mechanical strength like steel-made vessel but better corrosion resistance. It is irreplaceable with stainless steel, engineering...Read More

  • High Pressure Jacketed Reactor Vessel

    High Pressure Jacketed Reactor Vessel

    High pressure jacketed reactor vessel introduction In specifying jacketed pressure vessels, the choice of a jacket usually comes down to economy, weight and versatility of the heating or cooling requirement. Heat transfer efficiency is another important consideration when...Read More

  • Double Jacketed Reactor

    Double Jacketed Reactor

    Double jacketed reactor introduction The reaction material is put into the inner, which can be stirred. In the interbed with different cold and hot medium (refrigerating fluid, hot water and hot oil), do some heat circulation and cooling reaction. Under the constant...Read More

  • Jacketed Vessel

    Jacketed Vessel

    Jacketed vessel introduction In chemical engineering, a jacketed vessel is a container that is designed for controlling temperature of its contents, by using a cooling or heating "jacket" around the vessel through which a cooling or heating fluid is circulated....Read More

  • Jacketed Pressure Vessel

    Jacketed Pressure Vessel

    The jacketed pressure vessel equipment has beautiful appearance, easy to install, convenient to operate, safe and reliable.Read More

  • Jacketed Agitated Reactor

    Jacketed Agitated Reactor

    Jacketed agitated reactor Introduction Continuous stirred stainless steel jacketed agitated reactor is a kind of vessel whose main body is made of high quality stainless steel like SUS 304 SUS 316. Based on the stuff which need to mixing and its working pressure and...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Jacketed Agitated Reactor

    Stainless Steel Jacketed Agitated Reactor

    Stainless s teel j acketed a gitated r eactor description Jacketed agitated reactor is chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industrial production equipment to achieve chemical reactions. There are two types: open and implicit. Can design and manufacture of mixed...Read More

  • Jacketed Reactor Vessel

    Jacketed Reactor Vessel

    J acketed reactor vessel introduction The jacketed heating agitating vessel consists of the reactor body, lid, jacket, stirrer, transmission, shaft seal and support components. H eating method 1) electric heating, 2) hot oil heating, 3) steam heating or zero distance heating...Read More

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