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What are the important components in the scraper film evaporator?
- Sep 21, 2018 -

The squeegee film evaporator is provided with a heating steam jacket outside the evaporator casing, and a squeegee which is rotatable inside is installed inside, and the rotation of the squeegee is driven by the center of the cylinder. Some specific components of this evaporator are:


(1) Motor, reducer

It is the driving device for the rotation of the rotor. The speed of rotation is determined by the form of the squeegee, and it is also necessary to look at the viscosity of the material and the inner diameter of the evaporation cylinder. In addition, whether the scraper has a suitable linear velocity is related to whether the evaporator can operate stably and reliably, and has satisfactory evaporation effect.


(2) Separation cylinder

Its main function is to introduce the material into the evaporator and continuously distribute it evenly on the inner wall of the barrel through the distributor. When the secondary steam enters the separation drum, the droplets or foam therein can be separated, and the separated steam is taken out from the outlet.


(3) Distributor and gas-liquid separator

The distributor is generally mounted on the rotor, and through this component, the material can be continuously smashed into a film and deposited on the evaporation surface.

The gas-liquid separator, which generally adopts a rotary vane type gas-liquid separator, is installed on the separation cylinder, and mainly collects droplets or foam which may be carried by the secondary steam, and returns it to the evaporation surface.


(4) Evaporating cylinder

It can also be called a heating cylinder, the main part of which is the evaporation surface, which is the place where the film forming material exchanges heat with the heating medium. The inner diameter and length of the barrel are determined by the evaporation area and the aspect ratio. In addition, the inner wall of the barrel is polished to make it smooth and bright, and it is not easy to stick and scale to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the evaporator.


(5) scraper

This is an important part of the scraper film evaporator because it forms a film on the evaporation surface to achieve the effect of film evaporation. In the form of the squeegee, there are three types of sliding squeegees, fixed squeegees and hinge squeegees, each with its own characteristics.


Sliding Scraper: It is a basic and common squeegee form, through which the material is filmed and continuously scraped to avoid problems such as drywall and scaling. In terms of material, it is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, and the suitable working temperature is lower than 150 °C.


Fixed scraper: It is made of metal material and connected to the rotor. It has the same length as the evaporation cylinder, and its gap with the inner wall of the cylinder is 1-2mm.


Hinged scraper: Suitable for materials that are easy to scale. The material is made of metal. The scraper is mounted on the rotating frame through the living hinge, and the evaporator can be avoided to avoid scaling.