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A series of processes for the internal evaporation separation of the scraper film evaporator
- Sep 17, 2018 -

The scraper film evaporator is mainly composed of a casing, a scraper and a transmission device for rotating the scraper, and a jacket is arranged at a lower portion of the casing, and the inside is heated to rotate.

At the same time, a vertical rotating shaft is installed in the cylinder body, and 3-8 fixed scraping plates are mounted on the shaft, and the gap between the outer edge of the motor and the inner wall of the scraper is 0.25-1.5 mm through the transmission device, and the liquid material is fed. The material inlet enters the device in a tangential direction or is distributed on the inner wall through a liquid distribution plate fixed on the rotating shaft.


The liquid in the scraper film evaporator forms a rotating liquid film on the inner wall of the device under the action of gravity and the centrifugal force of the scraper, and is evaporated and concentrated in the process; the finished liquid is discharged from the bottom of the device, and the generated liquid is generated. The secondary steam rises to the top of the vessel and enters the condenser through the separator.


The scraper film evaporator has a large heat transfer coefficient, and is particularly suitable for concentration of a high-viscosity, crystallizable heat-sensitive solution. Sometimes, the solution can be evaporated to dryness, and a powdery solid product can be directly obtained from the bottom. In production practice, as well as the scraper film evaporator, there are also flash evaporators and submerged combustion evaporators that directly contact heat transfer.