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Design of structure for the spiral plate type heat exchanger
- Jan 25, 2019 -

Due to the superiority of the structural design, the spiral plate type heat exchanger has a high heat exchange efficiency. And you can choose different design options when designing the structure. In general, the design process of the spiral plate heat exchanger mainly includes:

1. Selection of topics and task books;

2. Collection of materials;

3. Technical design;

4. Drawing of engineering drawings;

5. Writing graduation design specifications.

In the structural design of spiral plate type heat exchanger, the technical design is the most important, its content can be divided into four parts, namely: 1, thermal calculation; 2, structural design of heat exchanger; 3, calculation of accessories and selection; 4, the resistance drop calculation for the spiral channel and the axial channel respectively.

Specifically, in fact, the spiral plate type heat exchanger is composed of two parallel steel plates, which are welded in the middle and are welded on a special roll bed. The two ends can be sealed by slats (round steel) to form a non-removable Structure; it is also possible to seal only one channel, and then both ends are sealed with a blind plate to form a detachable structure.