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Application range and working principle of the industry vacuum rake dryer
- Jan 28, 2019 -

After drying by the industry vacuum rake dryer, the material is in powder form and can be directly packaged without pulverization. The machine is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials, materials that are easily oxidized at high temperatures, materials that are easy to be consolidated during drying, and materials that must be recovered from steam discharged during drying.

Especially in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, it is mostly used in the dryer, which can be used to dry slurry, paste, powder materials; heat sensitive materials requiring low temperature drying; easy to oxidize, explosive, strong stimulation , highly toxic materials; materials requiring recovery of organic solvents; the materials to be dried are slurried, creamy, granular, powdery or fibrous, and have been widely used in the production process of solid alcohol (potassium).

After the material to be dried is added to the squeezing dryer, due to the stirring action of the positive and negative rotating teeth, the material moves axially back and forth, and the surface in contact with the inner wall of the casing is continuously updated, and is indirectly heated by steam, and the tooth is heated. The uniform stirring, the pulverization of the pulverizing rod, the surface moisture of the material is more advantageously discharged, and the vaporized water is vented from the outlet of the vacuum pump through the dry dust collector, the wet dust collector and the condenser.