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U-tube heat exchanger use and material selection
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The U-tube heat exchanger has a compact and reasonable structure and a small footprint, which saves installation space and saves investment costs. And the factors that need to be considered when constructing the structure are simple, and the operation and operation are convenient. In practical applications, the U-tube heat exchanger has good heat transfer performance, high heat utilization rate and obvious energy saving effect.


Due to the high heat transfer coefficient, the heat exchange efficiency of the U-tube heat exchanger is higher under the same heat exchange area. The pipe material has low flow resistance and low requirements for kinetic energy. In addition, its piping system is simple, so the heat loss is small. When cleaning, the tube bundle can be taken out from the housing for maintenance and cleaning, reducing maintenance costs.


In the process of structural design and production, attention should be paid to the rational selection of materials. It is necessary to pay special attention to the difference between the tube plate and the heat exchange tube. The hardness of the tube sheet is higher than that of the heat exchange tube by HB20 to HB30. It is preferable to use a material having a higher strength grade as a tube sheet, and a material having a lower strength grade as a heat exchange tube of a U-tube heat exchanger.