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Formaldehyde production equipment and production process relationship and production equipment purchase
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The formaldehyde production equipment is a device for producing and processing formaldehyde, and it may be a device or a combination of several devices, and these devices are collectively referred to as a formaldehyde production device. However, no matter which one is, it needs to be familiar and understood so that the finished product can be obtained through proper use.


1. Comparison of formaldehyde production equipment and complete sets of formaldehyde production line equipment

Formaldehyde production equipment and formaldehyde production line complete sets of equipment, if you compare them, you can know that in some occasions and fields, these two can be equal, but in some cases, there are some differences, because of formaldehyde The production equipment does not require the use of a formaldehyde production line, while the formaldehyde production line completes the equipment, which is used in the production line.


2. The relationship between formaldehyde production process and formaldehyde production equipment

Formaldehyde production process and formaldehyde production equipment, they can be said to be a one-to-one correspondence, that is, for different formaldehyde production processes, there is a corresponding formaldehyde production equipment, so that the production of formaldehyde can be smoothly carried out, and then, the finished product of formaldehyde is obtained.


The production process of formaldehyde, specifically the following, is:

Methanol oxidation method: At a certain temperature, methanol, air and water are directly catalyzed by a catalyst to form formaldehyde, and then absorbed by water to obtain a formaldehyde solution.

Natural gas oxidation method: At a certain temperature, a mixture of natural gas and air is directly catalyzed by a catalyst to form formaldehyde, and then absorbed by water to obtain a formaldehyde solution.

Dimethyl ether oxidation method: using dimethyl ether as a raw material, formaldehyde is obtained by oxidation of a catalyst.

Methanol dehydrogenation method: direct dehydrogenation of methanol can be used to obtain anhydrous formaldehyde, and a by-product of hydrogen is obtained.


3. Purchase of formaldehyde production equipment

The purchase of formaldehyde production equipment is an important task and should be taken seriously. In terms of considerations, there are product origins, parameters, quality, price, and manufacturers. In addition, the formaldehyde production process, equipment use environment, and use requirements must be considered, and these factors can be comprehensively considered. Choose a suitable product and use formaldehyde to obtain formaldehyde.


In the purchase of formaldehyde production equipment, it is also necessary to know its core and main equipment. Its core equipment is oxidation reactor. The main equipments include evaporator, superheater, fan and absorption tower. After these equipments are clearly understood, there may be Help purchase of formaldehyde production equipment.