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The working process and main function of the electric heating reactor
- Sep 04, 2018 -

In chemical production, not only a simple chemical reaction process is carried out in the electric heating reactor, but also physical mass transfer processes such as fluid flow, material heat transfer, mass transfer and mixing. In an electrically heated reactor, the excitation, steps and rate of the chemical reaction are carried out according to the laws of chemical kinetics.


Due to the variety of raw materials in the chemical reaction, the reaction process is also complicated, and the requirements for the reaction products are also different. In order to meet different reaction requirements, the structure and size of the electrically heated reactor are also various, and the operation mode and Operating conditions are also different.


For the electrically heated reactor, which is operated intermittently, the raw materials are added in one portion; while in the continuously operated electrically heated reaction vessel, the raw materials are continuously added. Reaction vessels of different structural forms and sizes and different operating conditions and methods will inevitably affect the flow state of the fluid and the heat transfer, mass transfer and mixing of the materials. The transfer process is a necessary condition for realizing the reaction process. Therefore, the work process of the reaction kettle is a reaction process based on chemical kinetics and a transfer process based on heat transfer, mass transfer, and momentum transfer. Simultaneously, interaction, interaction, A complex process of mutual influence.


It can be seen that the main function of the electric heating reactor is to provide a reaction site and maintain certain conditions, and the chemical reaction process proceeds in a predetermined direction to obtain a qualified reaction product. Of course, it is necessary to establish the best operating conditions and a reasonably reliable electric heating reactor.