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How can I find a suitable tube heat exchanger?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

When selecting a tube heat exchanger, we must first look at the manufacturer. It is very important to choose a regular tube heat exchanger manufacturer. The manufacturer must have relevant certificates, and it must pass the quality inspection, so that we can use it more. rest assured. If it is a large-scale enterprise, the after-sales service will be more perfect.


Secondly, when selecting a tube heat exchanger, the most important thing is to consider the quality. It is not cheap to choose. There are many safety hazards, and the quality is excellent. When selecting a tube heat exchanger, choose a tube heat exchanger that suits your type according to your actual needs.


When designing the tube heat exchanger, the hot and cold fluid flow channels can be selected according to the corresponding principles. For example, the unclean and easily fouling liquid should be taken away from the tube, because the tube is easy to clean; the corrosive fluid should be taken away. Tube process, so as to avoid the tube bundle and the shell being corroded at the same time; the tube with high pressure should be taken away to avoid the pressure of the shell; the saturated steam should be taken away from the shell, because the saturated steam is relatively clean, the convective heat transfer coefficient is independent of the flow rate and the condensate is easy. discharge.


If the temperature of the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger for cooling purposes has been determined by the process conditions, the outlet temperature of the cooling medium needs to be selected. If you choose a higher outlet temperature, you can choose a small heat exchanger, but the flow rate of the cooling medium should be increased; otherwise, you should choose a low outlet temperature, the cooling medium flow is reduced, but you need to choose a large heat exchanger, so the cooling medium The export temperature is determined by weighing the investment size of the two.