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Scraper thin film evaporator application advantage performance analysis
- Oct 26, 2018 -

The scraper film evaporator is a highly efficient evaporator, and its high performance is well reflected in practical applications. First, its vacuum pressure drop is small, so that a high degree of vacuum can be ensured. Secondly, the operating temperature is low, so that it can be kept under a higher vacuum during the evaporation process, which reduces the thermal decomposition of the product.


When the third use of the squeegee film evaporator can effectively shorten the heating time, because of its special structure, the squeegee has a pumping effect, so that the residence time of the material in the evaporator is very short. Moreover, the product does not remain on the evaporator surface due to the high velocity turbulence of the film on the heated evaporator. Therefore, it is especially suitable for evaporation of heat sensitive materials.


In addition, the device can achieve high evaporation strength, and the operation flexibility is large, and the application range is wide. It is precisely because of the unique properties of the scraper film evaporator that it is suitable for the treatment of heat sensitive and smooth evaporation, high viscosity and abrupt increase in viscosity with concentration, the evaporation process can also evaporate smoothly.http://www.syhgzben.com/