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What is included in the daily maintenance of the wastewater three-effect evaporator
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Blocking and fouling are problems that are often encountered in actual work. The plugging of the three-effect evaporator of wastewater mainly includes two cases, one is the deposition of crystal salt; the other is the scaling of calcium and magnesium ions. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the pipe of the wastewater evaporator from blocking, it is necessary to start from two aspects.


The first is to choose the appropriate evaporation form, that is, the appropriate evaporator should be selected according to the actual application to reduce the probability of blockage. However, if it is a scaling problem caused by calcium ions or the like, it is necessary to further soften the wastewater in advance in the process of using the three-effect evaporator of the wastewater. At the same time, a forced circulation evaporator is used in combination with gypsum to prevent scale or a little scale inhibitor.


Moreover, during the use of the three-effect evaporator of the wastewater, it is also necessary to perform regular cleaning and timely descaling. When cleaning, it is necessary to determine the specific cleaning cycle according to the actual situation. Materials with high hardness need to be pretreated or shortened. The main equipment used is cleaning nozzles, and the cleaning fluid can be clean water or dilute acid according to actual conditions.