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Process for producing formaldehyde from formaldehyde production equipment and its energy consumption control
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Formaldehyde is an important basic organic chemical raw material. The formaldehyde production equipment is specially used for the production of such chemical raw materials, mainly including understanding of poly-cavity, falling film evaporator, polymerization reactor, granulation tower, dryer, absorption tower. And units such as coolers. Combined with two-stage falling film concentration, spray granulation and continuous drying technology, high quality formaldehyde products are prepared.


When formaldehyde is produced by the formaldehyde production equipment, the methanol is first sent to the gasifier by means of a pump, the methanol is vaporized under the heating of the gasifier steam coil, and the vaporized methanol and air mixture flows out from the top of the gasifier and is added. Water vapor, which passes through a heat exchanger and a flame arrester and enters the oxidation reactor at a temperature of 115 to 120 °C.


After the material of the oxidation reactor is quenched to 80-85 ° C, it enters the bottom of the absorption tower, and the process water enters from the top of the tower. After absorption, about 37% of the formaldehyde solution is sent to the formaldehyde distillation tower, and the distilled methanol is recycled to the gasifier. After the bottom material is treated with an anion exchange resin, a product containing 55% formaldehyde and less than 1% methanol is obtained.


The oxidizer is the key equipment in the methanol production equipment. Its rationality directly affects the level of methanol consumption. The ideal power consumption of a reasonable formaldehyde production equipment should be below 35Kw/t, and even below 25Kw/t. In order to achieve this goal, the bottom of the furnace should be used to heat the evaporator. At the same time, the structure of the equipment should be designed and improved. For example, the heating method should be used to reduce the height of the heating section and arrange the distribution of the air inlet pipe.http://www.syhgzben.com/