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Stirring, transmission and safety settings of the jacketed reactor
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The external jacketed reactor with agitation is mainly composed of its stirred vessel, including its tank and its jacket, the stirring device, the transmission of the reactor, its shaft seal, and The support and manhole, its process takeover and some related accessories.


The agitating device of the outer jacketed reaction kettle is mainly composed of a stirrer and its stirring shaft. The form of agitation is usually determined by the design of the process, and the main one is the anchor device and the slurry type. Device, worm gear device, propulsion device or frame device.


The transmission of the device is provided for driving the stirring device, and is mainly composed of the components of the motor, the components of the reducer, the components of the coupling and the components of the transmission shaft; the outer jacket reaction kettle opening The quantity, reactor specifications or other requirements can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of our users.


In order to ensure the safety during the reaction, the outer jacketed reaction vessel also has a reliable safety device, which adopts a positive arch type metal rupture disc and is made of stainless steel. After the reaction of the jacketed reactor is completed, the cooling and cooling are first carried out, and the gas in the kettle is discharged to the outside through the pipeline to reduce the pressure in the kettle to normal pressure, and then the main bolt and the nut are loosely released. Then carefully remove the lid from the holder and pay special attention to the sealing surface during the removal process.