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Brief introduction of the use and structure of drum flaker dryer
- Aug 02, 2018 -

In the current drying field, drum flaker dryer is a common drying device. The drying element of the device is a hot drum, the handsheet is placed on the felt, and the hot drum is sent to the drying area for drying. The drum dryer can simultaneously dry multiple sheets of paper, improve drying efficiency, is easy to operate, and is very durable.


Generally, the drum dryer equipment is mainly composed of a frame, a hot drum, a felt roll, a felt, and a temperature control device. The machine frame is made of aluminum alloy profiles, which is beautiful and anti-corrosion. The hot drum is made of carbon steel, the surface is polished and chrome-plated, each felt supports the paper-loaded felt, and the felt has a tensioning adjustment device. The temperature of the hot drum is heated by the built-in heater, which can measure the internal and external temperature. The temperature controller can set, measure and control the temperature.


In the process of drying the material by means of a drum flaker dryer device, the drying time can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The device is still capable of achieving good drying results for materials with a high water content.