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Formaldehyde plant (complete equipment) composition and production process introduction
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The formaldehyde factory (complete equipment) mainly includes: heat exchanger, absorption tower, condenser, reaction kettle, agitator, metering tank, and the like. Different processes can be used when actually producing formaldehyde products. For example, the traditional production process is the tail gas circulation process. After methanol evaporation, superheating of the mixed gas, filtration, and fire retardation, the methanol is oxidized and absorbed, and the formaldehyde concentration produced can reach 37%.


In addition, the formaldehyde plant (set of equipment) can also use a low conversion alcohol-free process to produce formaldehyde. At this time, the reaction temperature can be lowered during the reaction to reduce the formation of side reactions, and the unconverted methanol is recovered by distillation. This reduces methanol consumption and increases the methanol concentration.


In the production of formaldehyde plants (complete sets of equipment), a flue gas circulation process can also be adopted. When this process is employed, the presence of hydrogen also inhibits the dehydrogenation reaction and increases the methanol consumption. Moreover, it is possible to suppress the formation of gases such as CO2, CO, CH4, and HCOOH, thereby increasing the yield of formaldehyde products and reducing production costs.