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Tangential structure and welded seal of spiral plate heat exchanger
- Jul 11, 2018 -

The spiral plate heat exchanger is mainly made of two coils during the production process, and two uniform spiral passages are effectively formed during the operation, and the two heat transfer mediums can be fully countercurrently flowed during operation, so that The heat exchange effect can be greatly enhanced to a certain extent, even if the two small temperature difference media can achieve the desired heat exchange effect.


When the spiral plate heat exchanger is in operation, the connecting pipe on the casing mainly adopts a tangential structure, and the local resistance of the whole device is small. In use, the curvature of the spiral passage is uniform, and the liquid does not flow in the device. Steering, the total resistance is small, thus increasing the design flow rate to achieve high heat transfer capacity.


The end face of the spiral passage of the non-removable spiral plate heat exchanger is welded and sealed, so that it has a high sealing property. The structure principle of the detachable spiral plate heat exchanger is basically the same as that of the non-removable heat exchanger, but one of the channels can be disassembled and cleaned, especially for heat exchange with viscous and precipitated liquid.


When the single-plate equipment of the spiral plate heat exchanger can not meet the requirements of use during operation, it can be used in combination, but the combination must meet the following requirements: parallel combination, series combination, equipment and channel spacing are the same. Hybrid combination: one channel is connected in parallel and one channel is connected in series.