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JH Series Alcohol Recovery Tower
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The packing tower refers to the small fluid resistance, which is suitable for the process of large gas handling volume and small liquid quantity. The liquid flows along the surface of the filler, and the gas and liquid flow upstream or downstream, depending on the specific reaction. The packing tower has a small amount of memory liquid. The flow pattern in the tower is close to that of the piston flow, whether the gas phase or the liquid phase. If there is solid phase formation in the reaction process, it is not advisable to use packed tower. Packed towers in the tower filled with various shapes of filler (called filler), so that the liquid flow along the surface of the filler liquid membrane, dispersed in the continuous flow of gas, gas-liquid two-phase contact surface on the surface of the filler liquid film. It belongs to the membrane-like contact equipment.