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Three Effect Energy-Saved Evaporator
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Evaporator is one of the four major refrigeration components of a very important part of low-temperature condensate liquid through the evaporator, with the external air for heat exchange, gasification endothermic, to achieve the effect of refrigeration. The evaporator is mainly composed of two parts, the heating chamber and the evaporation Chamber. The heating chamber provides the heat required for evaporation to the liquid, which makes the liquid boiling vaporization, and the liquid phase of the evaporation chamber completely separated. The steam produced in the heating chamber with a large amount of liquid foam, to the larger space of the evaporation chamber, these liquids by their own condensation or foam, such as the role can be separated from the vapor. The foam separator is usually located at the top of the evaporation chamber.