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Rotary Drum Filter Flaker Dryer
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Slicer is cut thin and uniform tissue piece of machinery, the organization with hard paraffin or other material support, each cut through the thickness of the section to automatically forward (to the direction of the knife) to advance the desired distance, the thickness of the gradient is usually 1 microns. When cutting paraffin-embedded tissues, a slice strip is made of multiple slices because it is glued to the edge of the wax on the previous slice. A machine that makes cells or tissue slices. Rotary and slide-walking slicer for optical microscopy. Ultrathin slicing machines are used for electron microscopy, and ultra-thin slices are made using glass knives or diamond knives. The device of the material has mechanical propulsion type and thermal expansion type. For the frozen slicing method, there are frozen slicing machine, low-temperature thermostat, frozen ultrathin slicer.