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Working principle oftriple-effect and multi-effect evaporator and its application and product characteristics
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Thetriple-effect and multi-effect evaporator, which is essentially an evaporator, needs to be familiar and understood so that it can be properly understood and know how to use and utilize it properly, and in the use of this type of evaporator, Have good use and economic benefits.


1. Properties and applications of triple-effect and multi-effect evaporator


The triple-effect and multi-effect evaporator, which is an extraction and concentration device or an evaporation device, can be subjected to an evaporation operation by using a tube-and-tube type external heating to have a good evaporation effect. The application of this type of evaporator is in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and light industry industries, and it is widely used, mainly in the evaporation and concentration operation of liquid materials.


2. Product features oftriple-effect and multi-effect evaporator

(1) This type of evaporator, if it adopts the tube-tube type external heating method, can have the advantages of short heating time of material, fast evaporation speed and large concentration ratio, which can effectively maintain the original effect of the material.

(2) If compared with the single-effect evaporator, it can effectively save the evaporation amount, generally saving about 70%. Therefore,triple-effect and multi-effect evaporator

has a good energy-saving effect.

(3) In the triple-effect and multi-effect evaporator, the material is evaporated in a closed environment, so it does not pollute the environment. Moreover, there is a defoaming device in the evaporator to prevent the phenomenon of running material.

(4) The part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel and polished to make the equipment have good corrosion resistance and easy to clean. In addition, a microcomputer control system can be used to make the use of the evaporator simple and convenient, and the performance is stable and reliable during use.


3. The composition and working principle of triple-effect and multi-effect evaporator

The three-effect and multi-effect evaporator is composed of an evaporator, a condenser, a separator and an auxiliary device, and the entire evaporation system can adopt a continuous feeding method and a continuous discharging method.


The working principle of the three-effect and multi-effect evaporator is exemplified by the salty wastewater. The specificity is as follows: the salty wastewater enters the one-effect forced circulation crystallization evaporator and enters the evaporation heat exchange chamber to generate latent heat of vaporization by external steam liquefaction. The wastewater is heated. The heated liquid enters the crystallization evaporation chamber for evaporation crystallization, and the steam after the wastewater is evaporated enters the two-effect forced circulation evaporator and is used as the power steam to heat the second-effect evaporator. After passing through several evaporators, the wastewater is Evaporating and concentrating continuously, the concentration of salt in the wastewater is continuously increased. When it exceeds the saturation state, the salt will be continuously deposited and concentrated in the salt collecting chamber, and the wastewater will be treated by the separator to realize the separation of water and salt.http://www.syhgzben.com/