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Why is the external coil reactor widely used and compared with other reactors?
- Sep 29, 2018 -

There are many types of reactors, and there are some common and used types, such as outer coil reactors. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively and deeply understand the external coil reactor to achieve the correct and rational use of the product, to play its specific role and to reflect its use value.


1. The specific type of outer coil reactor

The outer coil reactor is of a specific type, such as an outer half-tube reactor, and this specific type is also used in certain occasions and industries. In terms of construction, there are motors, reducers, frames, couplings, bearings, and gussets. In terms of material, there are two kinds of stainless steel and carbon steel. On stainless steel grades, there are brands such as 304, 321, and 316L.


2. Why is the external coil reactor widely used?

The outer coil reaction kettle is a specific type of reaction kettle, and the reaction kettle has the advantages of rapid heating, convenient use, safety and hygiene, and no environmental pollution, and has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. . Therefore, based on these characteristics and advantages of the outer coil reactor, its products can be widely used, especially in some industries and fields.


3. Comparison of external coil reactor and inner coil reactor and ordinary reactor

The outer coil reaction kettle and the inner coil reaction kettle, which belong to the large category of coil reactors, compare the two reactors, and can conclude that they have some differences, specifically The outer coil is mostly used to heat the material, and the inner coil is mostly used for cooling the material. The selection is mainly based on the production process requirements. In addition, the semicircular pipe jacket of the outer coil reactor will cause the inner cylinder to be divided into partial external pressure by the semicircular pipe, and the outer coil jacket can prevent the inner cylinder from being unstable.


Comparing the outer coil reactor with the ordinary reactor, it can be seen that the difference between them is:

The outer coil reaction kettle reduces the wall thickness of the kettle body, improves the load carrying capacity of the kettle body, and can improve the heat transfer efficiency of the reactor, so that the use of the reactor can have a good use effect in some fields. And it is suitable for use. In addition, the heat transfer effect of the outer coil reactor is better than that of the ordinary reactor, so that it can achieve energy saving and reduce product production costs. In the form of heating, the outer coil reactor is also superior to the conventional reactor.