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Which preparation methods can use Silver Catalysed Formaldehyde Plant devices and Silver Catalysed Formaldehyde Plant types
- Oct 08, 2018 -

The Silver Catalysed Formaldehyde Plant, although its name is very long, is simply understood to mean that a catalyst such as a silver catalyst is used to prepare formaldehyde and react in its corresponding device, so it is simply referred to as a silver-catalyzed formaldehyde device. Since this specific device is mentioned, and it will be used in the preparation of formaldehyde, let's take a look at it and get the finished product by proper use.


1. Specific types of silver catalyst used in silver-catalyzed formaldehyde plants

In the silver-catalyzed formaldehyde device, the silver catalyst used is specifically an electrolytic silver catalyst, and the catalytic material is reacted with other substances, so that the finished product of formaldehyde can also be obtained by reaction to achieve the reaction purpose and the desired one. Reaction effect. Therefore, the electrolytic silver catalyst is very important in the formaldehyde plant and cannot be used.



2. Which formaldehyde preparation methods can the silver-catalyzed formaldehyde unit be used in?

A silver-catalyzed formaldehyde device, which can be used in the preparation of formaldehyde, is:


Methanol oxidation method: At a high temperature of 600 to 700 degrees Celsius, methanol, air and water are catalyzed by a silver catalyst to cause oxidation reaction to obtain formaldehyde, and then a formaldehyde solution is obtained with water.

The methanol dehydrogenation method is: at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, the methanol vapor is dehydrogenated by a silver catalyst, and then the formaldehyde gas is obtained, and then the formaldehyde solution is obtained, and the solution concentration is 36% to 40%.


3. In the industry, is there more silver-catalyzed formaldehyde? Why use a silver catalyst instead of other catalysts?

Industrially, the method for preparing formaldehyde is mainly a methanol oxidation method, so a silver-catalyzed formaldehyde device is often used. As for the use of silver catalysts instead of other catalysts, this conclusion is drawn from the three aspects of catalyst conversion rate, stability, and economics.


4. Silver-catalyzed formaldehyde device, is it important in the preparation of formaldehyde? What equipment is there before and after?

The Silver Catalysed Formaldehyde Plant can be said to be an important device in the preparation process of formaldehyde, because if there is no such device, the substance of formaldehyde cannot be obtained, and further, the formaldehyde preparation work cannot be performed smoothly. Before the silver-catalyzed formaldehyde device, there are methanol storage tanks, coolers, methanol distributors and the like. After the silver-catalyzed formaldehyde device, there is a formaldehyde storage container, such as a formaldehyde storage tank, for storing the prepared products. Finished product of formaldehyde.。