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What issues should be paid attention to when installing the outer coil reactor?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

When the outer coil reactor is installed, it should be placed indoors; when equipped with multiple reactors, it should be placed separately; each operation room should have an outlet directly to the outdoor or passage, and the equipment should be well ventilated. When installing the outer coil reactor kettle lid for the laboratory, the sealing surfaces between the reactor kettle body and the reactor lid should be prevented from colliding with each other.


Carefully place the outer coil reaction kettle lid on the kettle body according to the fixed position. When tightening the main nut, it must be tightened step by step in a diagonally and symmetric manner. The force should be even, and the reactor lid should not be tilted to one side. To achieve a good sealing effect.


In the joint of the positive and negative nuts of the outer coil reaction kettle, only the positive and negative nuts should be rotated, and the two arc sealing surfaces should not be relatively rotated; when all the nut pattern couplings are assembled, the lubricating oil should be applied. The needle valve line seal Simply press the valve pin to press the tight cover to achieve a good seal.


Maintenance of the outer coil reaction kettle should always pay attention to the operation of the whole equipment and reducer, the reducer lubricant should be replenished immediately, the electric heating medium oil should be replaced every six months, the safety valve on the jacket and the lid Pressure gauges, thermometers, distillation orifices, electric heating rods, electrical instruments, etc. should be inspected regularly, often scrubbing the pot body, keeping the appearance clean and the inner tank bright, to achieve the purpose of durability.