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What are the characteristics of the vacuum rake dryer?
- Sep 08, 2018 -

When making the vacuum rake dryer, the sealing part between the tank body and the end cover is sealed with PTFE seal, which has good corrosion resistance; and the two ends of the boring shaft are processed by lathe, and the shaft ends of the two ends are precision. The part ensures the concentricity of the shaft; the cymbal cymbal is made by the wire cutting method, and is welded with the dentine after welding, and is welded on the lathe while welding to ensure the concentricity of the shaft teeth.


The shaft of the vacuum rake dryer and the two ends of the cylinder cover are sealed by PTFE seal + mechanical seal, which has good sealing effect, good corrosion resistance, simple maintenance and low use cost. The guiding direction of the shaft teeth is to guide the flow to the middle to ensure the discharge of the dry material is complete, and there is a coincidence between the molars and the molars to ensure that there is no dead angle when stirring. The gap between the cymbal and the cylinder is small, which reduces the probability of materialization.


The lower discharge valve of the cylinder of the vacuum rake dryer adopts the cylinder type switch to discharge, and the discharging is convenient. The discharge valve and the cylinder are closely attached, and the curvature of the bonding surface is consistent with the curvature of the cylinder, which reduces the residual material when the material is dry, and improves the drying effect of the material; the outer cylinder is fixed by the flange of the machining body to ensure the inside of the cylinder. Roundness. After the barrel and the end face flange are integrally welded, the whole machine is machined on the cylinder body, and the cylinder body and the flange end face are processed at one time to ensure the roundness of the cylinder is 1 mm.