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Vacuum rake dryer operation advantages and precautions
- Mar 26, 2018 -

The structure of the rake dryer is simple and the floor space is small. The entire equipment is very simple and has a wide range of application during operation. The defect rate of the rake dryer is low and it is easy to fully control the infeed and outfeed. The object to be dried is added from the middle of the upper part of the housing. Under the stirring of the reciprocating tooth, the material moves back and forth axially, and the surface in contact with the inner wall of the housing is continuously updated.

The vacuum rake dryer is indirectly heated by its steam, and the rakes are evenly stirred, which will increase the moisture on the surface of the material to a certain extent. The vaporized moisture is vented from the vacuum pump outlet through a dry scrubber, a wet scrubber, and a condenser.

The rake type drying machine can effectively use the method of simultaneous heating with interlayer and internal stirring. The whole device has a large heat transfer surface and high thermal efficiency. It is particularly suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials during the operation. The material to be dried is in the form of a paste, a paste, a granule, a powder, or a fibrous material, and has been widely used in the production process of solid alcohols.

The rake drying machine needs to be carried out slowly during heating or cooling. Its users should be able to effectively take appropriate temperature rise and lower speeds according to the situation. During the operation of the equipment, samples should be taken according to the standard procedures, and the samples should be closed and restarted.