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Vacuum rake dryer features and applicable materials
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The vacuum rake dryer is a relatively new type of horizontal intermittent vacuum drying equipment, which can be used in the drying and fuel drying of organic semi-finished products in the chemical industry, and has good drying effect and finished product quality.


The vacuum rake dryer is composed of eight main components: housing, crucible, grinding rod, agitator shaft, discharge device, feeding device, sealing device and transmission device.

Applicable materials: Slurry and high paste materials, and materials up to 100 mesh, such as various pigments. In addition, it can also be used in the drying of alkali starch, clay ash, and the like.


The working principle of the vacuum rake dryer is as follows: After the wet material is evaporated through conduction, the agitator with scraper continuously clears the material on the hot surface and shifts in the container to form a circulating flow, and then, the material is dried. The moisture generated when the material is dried is pumped out by a vacuum pump.


The vacuum rake dryer has simple structure, simple and convenient operation, stable and reliable use performance, small steam consumption, long service life, and strong equipment applicability.


Vacuum rake dryer features:


(1) This kind of dryer has strong adaptability, so it is widely used. Almost all materials with different properties and different states are suitable, especially for explosive and easily oxidized paste materials.


(2) The quality of the finished product after the dryer is good, because the material is evenly mixed in the dryer, so the problem of overheating of the material can be avoided, and the moisture in the material is also easy to escape. In addition, due to the finer particle size of the product, it can be packaged without crushing.


(3) Operation, the vacuum rake dryer is easy to operate, and the labor intensity is low, which can effectively improve the sanitary environment. In addition, according to the different properties of materials and drying requirements, choose the right type of seal, because it has two kinds of packing seal and mechanical seal, to ensure good sealing performance of the dryer.