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Understanding and application examples of three-effect evaporator
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The three-effect evaporator is composed of various effective heating evaporators, various effect separators, condensers, hot press pumps, sterilizers, heat preservation tubes, vacuum systems, various effect liquid transfer pumps, condensate drain pumps, operating platforms, Electrical instrument control cabinets and valves, in addition to piping systems.


The three-effect evaporator is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, bioengineering and environmental protection industries for low-temperature continuous evaporation and concentration, and is especially suitable for heat sensitive, viscous, foaming and other materials.


The characteristics of the evaporator are:


(1) Since the steam in the heating system is uniformly heated, the liquid is evaporated by the liquid film type, so it has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time. If the heat pump is reconfigured, energy saving can be achieved. And effectively reduce steam consumption and cooling water circulation.


(2) Since the material in the evaporator is accelerated downward by the pressurized flow along the inner wall of the tube, it is suitable for evaporation and concentration of the liquid having a relatively high viscosity.


(3) The material evaporates in a film form in each tube, and the heating time of the liquid is short, so it is beneficial to evaporate and concentrate the food, and can preserve the nutrient composition of the food to a large extent.


(4) The evaporation process of the evaporator is carried out under vacuum, which can reduce the evaporation temperature. If the heat pump is added, the steam consumption can be effectively saved, and the temperature of the liquid heating can be especially suitable for the evaporation and concentration of the heat sensitive material. .


(5) The equipment can be equipped with a CIP cleaning system to facilitate cleaning, and there is no dead angle during the cleaning process. In addition, the unit can continuously feed and discharge, and can be equipped with an automatic control system to achieve automatic control of feed volume, as well as automatic control of heating temperature, discharge concentration and cleaning.


Three-effect evaporator for treating pharmaceutical wastewater

The three-effect evaporator is used to treat the wastewater generated in the pharmaceutical process, which is pretreated and then processed into the evaporator. In the specific type of three-effect evaporator, a three-effect forced circulation evaporator is used. In the process, all the mother liquids should be discharged to control the COD content in the system.