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U-tube heat exchanger structural characteristics and application advantages
- May 07, 2018 -

U-tube heat exchanger is a kind of shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is also composed of tube plate, shell, tube bundle and other components. However, its advantage lies in that the U-tube heat exchanger has the largest heat transfer area under the same diameter. In general, the device has the advantages of simple structure, compactness, high sealing performance, convenient overhaul and cleaning, minimum metal consumption at high temperature and high pressure, and low cost.


In fact, only one tube plate is provided in the U-tube heat exchanger. The device also has the advantages of good thermal compensation performance and strong pressure bearing capacity, and can be used for high temperature and high pressure operation. The main structural components included in the equipment include: pipe box, cylinder body, head, heat exchange tube, takeover tube, baffle plate, anti-shock plate and guide tube, anti-short-circuit structure, support and other accessories of the tube shell process.


From the above description of the structure, it can be seen that in the U-tube heat exchanger, the heat exchange tube belongs to a very important component. In order to further enhance the heat transfer effect of the equipment, high-efficiency heat transfer tubes can be selected. In this way, the effective heat transfer area inside or outside the tube can be increased at the same time or the heat transfer can be enhanced, the heat transfer coefficient of the tube path can be maximized, and the inner and outer surfaces of the heat exchange tube can be rolled into various surface shapes, or A spoiler element is inserted in the tube to generate turbulence at the same time as the fluid inside and outside the tube, thereby improving the performance of the heat exchange tube.


Then, from the actual application of the analysis, U-tube heat exchanger what are the advantages? In fact, there is only one tube plate in this type of heat exchanger. Both ends of the tube are fixed on the same tube plate. The tube can be freely retracted and free from thermal stress. The thermal compensation performance is good.


At the same time, U-tube heat exchangers have been increasingly used in the industrial field. For the user, U-tube heat exchanger is particularly easy to use, and its structure is not only simple, but also cheap, strong pressure capacity, suitable for pipe, shell wall temperature difference or easy to scaling the shell side media need cleaning It is not suitable for floating head type and fixed tube plate type occasions.