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Tube heat exchanger design considerations
- Jul 17, 2018 -

When designing the structure of the tube heat exchanger, special attention should be paid to two points. One is to select the hot and cold fluid flow channel reasonably, and the other is to reasonably determine the inlet and outlet temperature of the fluid. When determining the fluid inlet and outlet temperature, if the tube heat exchanger is for cooling purposes, the inlet and outlet temperatures of the hot fluid have been determined by the process conditions, and the outlet temperature of the cooling medium needs to be selected.


If you need to set a higher outlet temperature, it is recommended to choose a small tube heat exchanger and increase the flow of the cooling medium. On the contrary, the low outlet temperature is selected, and the flow rate of the cooling medium is reduced, but a large heat exchanger is selected, so the outlet temperature of the cooling medium is determined by weighing the investment sizes of the two.


In the tube heat exchanger, the hot and cold fluid flow channel can be selected according to some principles: for example, the liquid which is unclean and easy to scale should be taken away, because the cleaning in the tube is convenient; and the corrosive fluid should take the tube. In order to avoid corrosion of the tube bundle and the shell at the same time, the fluid with small flow rate and high viscosity should be taken away from the shell.