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The technology used in the formaldehyde oxidation device and the composition of the new device
- Aug 15, 2018 -

The technology used in the formaldehyde oxidation unit is a formaldehyde catalytic oxidation technique in which an oxidation operation of formaldehyde is carried out. The catalyst used is a metal oxide such as a nitrate or a carbonate of a metal, which is obtained by oxidative precipitation to obtain a metal oxide, and a small amount of a precious metal is supported on the metal oxide, even at room temperature. It can make formaldehyde have higher oxidation activity. The noble metal on the catalyst is such elements as platinum, rhodium, gold, rhodium, and palladium. Through the catalyst, the conversion of formaldehyde can be made 100%.


The new formaldehyde oxidation reaction device is different from the traditional formaldehyde oxidation reaction device, which can well solve the problems of short service life of the device and too frequent catalyst replacement.

Its structural composition is:


(1) The formaldehyde oxidation reaction device comprises a cylinder closed at both ends, and the cylinder is a gas distribution zone, an oxidation reaction zone and a heat exchange zone from top to bottom, and is on the cylinder side of the gas distribution zone. The wall is provided with a gas inlet and a gas distributor inside. The gas distribution zone is connected to the oxidation reaction zone through a flange.


(2) In the oxidation reaction zone, the catalyst catalyst layer is packed, and in the heat exchange zone, there is a heat exchange tube for the heat exchange medium, and the shell paths of the two regions are connected. In addition, a gas outlet is provided at the bottom of the cylinder.


The silver formaldehyde plant has a formaldehyde oxidation device, which is specifically a formaldehyde oxidizer. The body of the device is provided with a mixed gas outlet, and the bottom of the oxidizer is inclined to ensure that the material can enter the absorption tower freely, and the high concentration of formaldehyde liquid is prevented from staying at the bottom of the oxidizer, thereby forming polyoxymethylene and polycondensation. formaldehyde. In addition, if the formaldehyde oxidizer is used as the formaldehyde oxidation device, the operation effect of the device can be improved, and the operation consumption of the device can be reduced.