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The relationship between formaldehyde production process and production equipment and understanding of new devices
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The production device, which is used to produce various substances such as formaldehyde, and we can refer to the formaldehyde production device as a formaldehyde production device.


There are many methods for the production of formaldehyde. If you summarize it, the following five types are:


Production Process 1: Methanol Oxidation, ie, in the temperature range of 600°C to 700°C, allows methanol, air and water to oxidize through the catalyst, and then absorbs formaldehyde gas with water to obtain a formaldehyde solution.


Production process 2: The natural gas oxidation method is to allow a mixture of natural gas and air to be directly oxidized through a catalyst to produce formaldehyde at a certain temperature, and absorbed by water to obtain a formaldehyde solution.


Production process 3: Dimethyl ether oxidation, using dimethyl ether as a raw material, to obtain formaldehyde through a catalyst.


Production Process 4: Formaldehyde is obtained by dehydrogenating methanol vapor at a certain temperature.


Production process method 5: methanol dehydrogenation method, that is, direct dehydrogenation of methanol to obtain anhydrous formaldehyde, at the same time, to obtain by-product hydrogen.


The above five kinds of formaldehyde production process methods will use different devices and equipment. Therefore, in the use of these methods, it should be noted that appropriate formaldehyde production equipment and equipment should be selected so that the finished product of formaldehyde can be obtained.



A new type of formaldehyde production plant, which is a kind of formaldehyde production plant, is mainly composed of a methanol tank, a cooler, a methanol distributor, a methanol evaporator, an air-methanol mixer, a superheater, and air-methanol. - Steam mixers, reactors, heat exchangers, absorbers, circulating water coolers, and turbine generators are all important components.


In addition, the use of a new type of formaldehyde production plant can also bring about some benefits. It is because waste heat can be recovered and the problem of heat waste can be solved very well, so as to save energy and reduce heat loss and environmental pollution.