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The heat exchange rate of the tube heat exchanger is fast and the application conditions are extensive
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The overall structure of the tubular heat exchanger is relatively simple, compact, and inexpensive, and its operation cannot use mechanical cleaning outside the tube. The heat exchanger tube bundle is connected to the tube sheet, and the tube sheet is welded separately. At both ends of the housing, a top cover is attached thereto, and the top cover and the housing are equipped with fluid inlet and outlet connectors.


The tube heat exchanger usually has some baffles perpendicular to the tube bundle outside the tube, and the connection between the tube and the tube sheet and the shell is rigid. The outside of the tube is a fluid of two different temperatures, so when the tube is When the temperature difference between the wall and the shell wall is large, due to the different thermal expansion of the two, a large temperature difference stress is generated.


The tube heat exchanger is mainly made of stainless steel and has a long service life. It can reach 20 years or more to a certain extent. Within 10 years, the quality of the heat exchanger is replaced free of charge. The laminar flow is changed to turbulent flow, and the exchange is improved. Thermal efficiency reduces thermal resistance.