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The definition of spiral plate type heat exchanger and the factors to be considered when selecting
- Dec 11, 2018 -

The spiral plate type heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger with good heat transfer efficiency, high running stability and multiple working together. The spiral plate type heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger device suitable for steam-vapor, vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid, and liquid heat transfer. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, solvent, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and other industries.

When selecting spiral plate type heat exchanger, there are many different methods to choose. When selecting these different types of equipment, we need to pay attention to such elements. The first point is to pay attention to which the effect of a heat exchanger is what the user needs, such as a process of coloring. Generally speaking, the heat exchanger does not need to be colored, but if it is a heat exchanger with high requirements, it must be colored, so the surface treatment process needs to be selected from the perspective of demand.

One problem to be considered when selecting a spiral plate type heat exchanger is the cost problem, because the heat exchanger itself is a device that is recognized by the market at an affordable price, and its price itself is relatively cheap and affordable. If the cost of the heat exchanger is increased because of the expensive processing technology, it is obviously not cost-effective, so when selecting these different products, it is also necessary to consider the cost.

There is also a need to see how long it takes to use the equipment and whether it is efficient to produce. This is also directly related to the production time of the entire heat exchanger product, which will directly affect the production time of many products, so this is also When considering different treatment processes, one of the conditions that you need to compare, in order to make everyone have better heat exchangers.