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The definition and basic characteristics of vertical shell-tube condenser
- May 04, 2018 -

The so-called vertical shell tube condensers are generally erected. Compared with the condenser of the horizontal structure, this vertical shell-tube condenser is not only an upright device but also has no end caps at both ends, and the water and refrigerant flow ways are also different. The cooling water enters the condenser tube from the upper part, but the water does not fill the entire section of the steel tube, but instead it flows through the inner wall of the tube in the form of a membrane and flows into the pool.


The next step is to use the water pump to send the water pressure to the cooling tower for recycling. During the condensing process, the gaseous refrigerant enters the outer space of the cylinder shell from the upper side of the central shell of the vertical shell tube condenser. The condensed liquid flows from the top to the bottom of the tube and accumulates at the bottom of the condenser. Tube outflow. In addition, on the housing of the condenser, corresponding fittings such as drain valves, air release valves, and safety valves are also provided.


In terms of production, the key to internal vertical shell-tube condensers is the use of seamless steel tubes. This condenser can be installed in the open, saving room area; it can also be installed under the cooling tower to simplify the cooling water system. Moreover, the water quality of the cooling water is not high, and the water pipe can be cleaned during operation, which is convenient to use.


In addition to the above differences, for the user, when using a vertical shell-and-tube condenser, the heat transfer coefficient is high due to the large flow rate of the cooling flow and the high flow rate. In addition to the vertical installation method, the floor space is small, which saves space and can be installed outdoors. In the process of condensation, the cooling water flows through and the flow rate is large, so the water quality requirements are not high, and the general water source can be used as the cooling water.


Not only that, when using a vertical shell-and-tube condenser, the scale inside the tube can be easily cleaned without stopping the refrigeration system. It should be noted that when using this type of condenser, it is necessary to do daily maintenance and maintenance, and regularly check to prolong the service life of the vertical shell-tube condenser.