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The composition requirements and use advantages of paraformaldehyde production equipment
- Apr 04, 2018 -

The paraformaldehyde production equipment effectively includes a spray granulation device, a formaldehyde concentrating device, and a fluidized-bed drying device. The formaldehyde concentrating device, the spray granulating device, and the fluidized-bed drying device are connected in sequence, and the formaldehyde solution is In the whole heat preservation condition, it is output to a formaldehyde concentrator for concentration.

The paraformaldehyde production facility spray-dried the concentrated concentrated formaldehyde solution in a spray granulation apparatus, and the paraformaldehyde solidified by spray granulation was further dried in a fluidized-bed drying apparatus.

The formaldehyde concentrating device of the paraformaldehyde production facility is a two-stage concentrating device consisting of a series of evaporators and two-stage evaporators connected in series. The two-stage evaporator is a steam-heated thin film evaporator.

The paraformaldehyde production equipment is different from the prior art. Under the vacuum condition, the equipment adopts two stages of evaporation and condensation, and then uses two-stage drying method to produce waste gas. The waste gas can be recycled and used, which reduces product cost and avoids pollution to the environment. The paraformaldehyde produced by the process has a purity of 92% to 94%.