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The composition, performance characteristics and advantages of three-effect falling film evaporator
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The three-effect falling film evaporator has strong adaptability and can be used in different evaporation and concentration operations, such as milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, bioengineering, environmental engineering, and waste liquid recovery. In general, the three-effect falling film evaporator has the main characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, short material heating time, and so on, so it is particularly suitable for heat-sensitive, viscous, foaming and other materials.


First, three-effect falling film evaporator system components:

Under normal circumstances, in this series of evaporator equipment, its structure is mainly by the effect of heating evaporator, the effect of separators, condensers, heat press pumps, sterilizers, insulation tubes, vacuum systems, the effect of liquid Conveyor pumps, condensate and drain pumps, operating platforms, electrical instrumentation control cabinets and valves and piping systems.


Second, three-effect falling film evaporator's main performance characteristics:


In practical applications, when the three-effect falling film evaporator is in operation, its entire heating system is steam heating, so the heating is relatively uniform, and the liquid is a liquid film type evaporation, so it has a high heat transfer efficiency and heating time Short and other main features. Such as the configuration of the hot-pressure pump, more energy saving, low steam consumption, cooling water circulation and other advantages.


Secondly, in the process of using a three-effect falling film evaporator, evaporation requirements can be fulfilled for different properties of the material. At the same time, during the process of evaporation of the material, since the heating time of the liquid is very short, it is particularly advantageous for evaporation and concentration of the food, and the nutrients of the food are greatly preserved. And the entire evaporation process is carried out under vacuum conditions, so the sanitary requirements of the material are ensured, while the environmental protection requirements are ensured, and the evaporation temperature is greatly reduced.


Three, three-effect falling film evaporator advantages:


First, the three-effect falling film evaporator has a very strong evaporation capacity, which can reach 0.5t/h to 100t/h. In normal operation, the system uses only electricity. The energy consumption per ton of water evaporated is 15 KW.h to 100 KW.h, and its operating cost is 1/8 to 1/2 of the multi-effect evaporation. Three-effect falling film evaporator is realized by PLC control and can run continuously for a long time.