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The composition of the electric heating reactor and its technical parameters and installation practices
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The electric heating reactor, which is a common and commonly used type in the reactor, uses an electric heating rod to heat the heat conducting oil in the jacket, and then uses the heat conducting oil to perform various reactions in the reactor to obtain the desired desired material or Reaction result. This type of reactor is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, food, spices, food additives and light industry.


The electric heating reactor is composed of a pot body, a lid, a stirrer, a jacket, a support and a transmission device, and a shaft sealing device.


Jacket type: Jacket type, outer half pipe type.

Mixing form: paddle, anchor, frame, screw and scraped wall.

Transmission form: ordinary motor, explosion-proof motor, electromagnetic speed control motor and frequency converter.

Shaft seals: General water-cooled packing seals, combined PTFE packing seals, and mechanical seals.

Discharge form: ball valve, down valve.


The main technical parameters of the electric heating reactor are: reactor size, nominal capacity, actual capacity, heating power, jacket capacity, jacket size, inner pot size and capacity, support screw hole size, and expander capacity. All are important parameters of the reactor.


The operating specification of the electric heating reactor is specifically as follows:


(1) The electric heating reactor is generally used indoors, and there should be good ventilation and good heat dissipation conditions around the reactor so as to avoid problems due to the high temperature of the reactor.


(2) The installation work of the reactor should be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the specification and correct operation, is strictly prohibited non-compliance, so as to avoid damage or damage to the equipment, can not be used normally.


(3) The electric heating reactor should be thoroughly and carefully examined before use, with emphasis on some key and important parts, as well as some important components. In addition, check the looseness of the connectors and fasteners on the reactor. Do not start using the device until there is no problem. After the electric heating reactor is used, it should be cleaned and cleaned daily to keep the reactor clean and tidy.