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Structure and working principle of methanol evaporator for formaldehyde production equipment
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The core equipment in the formaldehyde production equipment is an oxidation reactor. The main components include: evaporator, superheater, fire retardant filter, Roots blower, absorption tower and so on. The evaporator is an evaporator structure using hot water as a heat source of the methanol evaporator, and is mainly composed of an air intake pipe, a heating column pipe, a central circulation pipe, a evaporation chamber spherical demister, and a baffle demister.


During the operation of the formaldehyde production equipment, the evaporation form of methanol is usually stirred by the air from the lower end of the methanol in the heating column, and the methanol liquid molecules diffuse into the air bubbles, and are taken out of the heating tube by the bubbles, and are collected into the upper space. The temperature of the liquid in the methanol evaporator does not reach the boiling point of methanol.


Depending on the production requirements, heating is required to varying degrees during the heating process. Therefore, the gas content in the gas-liquid mixture in the form of methanol is different, so that the methanol in the central circulation tube rises from the column tube and falls from the central circulation tube, so that the continuous circulation increases the heat transfer of the evaporator of the formaldehyde production equipment. The effect is enhanced and evaporation is enhanced.