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Structure and operation performance of Vacuum Rake Dryer
- Jul 18, 2018 -

The vacuum rake dryer can improve the uniformity of heat of the material during the drying process, so that the slurry, paste and paste materials can be smoothly dried. As a new type of horizontal vacuum structure drying equipment, in the process of vacuum kneading dryer, the wet material is evaporated by conduction, and the scraper stirrer continuously removes the material on the hot surface and forms a circulation in the container. The stream is evaporated and the water is pumped out by a vacuum pump.


Combined with the actual application, the vacuum rake dryer adopts a large-area interlayer heating method to increase the heat transfer area, and the thermal efficiency is high. The stirring is set to form a continuous circulation state in the cylinder to ensure the drying effect.


Considering the structural composition, the vacuum rake dryer has a cylindrical shape in the middle, and the intermediate jacket heating medium can be a heat transfer oil circulation or steam, and the outer layer is made of ultrafine glass wool, which has good heat preservation effect and little energy consumption. The vacuum rake dryer is especially suitable for the drying of materials that are oxidized and the heat sensitive materials. It does not destroy the crystalline materials during the drying process, and it can show its superiority.