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Structure and material selection of electric heating reactor
- Jan 12, 2019 -

The electric heating reactor is a novel reaction vessel, which can be used to complete different process reactions such as sulfurization, nitrification, hydrogenation, hydrocarbonization, polymerization and condensation. Electric heating reactors are widely used in medicine, chemicals, food, natural seasonings, food additives, light industry and other industries. The device is composed of a pot body, a pot cover, a stirrer, a jacket, a support and a transmission device, and a shaft sealing device.

As for the material and opening of the electric heating reactor, it can be designed and manufactured according to the user's process requirements. The stirring form generally has anchor type, slurry type, worm wheel type, push type or frame type. For the user, the device is a reaction container with low investment and easy operation. It is suitable for decomposition, synthesis, cracking, polymerization and lipidation of various organic compounds. The heating forms include electric heating, oil heating, gas heating and water,heating (or cooling), open flame heating, etc.

Combined with practical application analysis, the electric heating reactor has the characteristics of high heating efficiency, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and sanitation, no need for automatic boiler heating, and convenient use. The jacket method is divided into a jacket type and an outer half tube type, and the jacket oil heating type is provided with a flow guiding device. The mixing method is generally paddle type, anchor type, frame type, screw type, scraping wall type and the like.