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Structural principle of metal structure packed tower
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The metal structure packed tower is a mass transfer device. In practical applications, the internal packing is used as a gas-liquid two-phase contact member to complete mass transfer. The tower of the metal structure packed tower is a vertical cylinder with a filler support plate at the bottom, and the filler is placed on the support plate in a random or complete manner. Install a packing platen above the packing to prevent it from being blown by the updraft.


In actual operation, the gas enters from the bottom of the metal structure packed tower, and after being distributed by the gas distribution device, it flows through the gap of the packing layer in a countercurrent flow with the liquid. On the surface of the packing, the gas-liquid two phases are in close contact for mass transfer, and two The phase composition changes continuously along the height of the column. Under normal operating conditions, the gas phase is the continuous phase and the liquid phase is the dispersed phase.


Therefore, if the packing layer of the metal structured packed tower is high, it should be processed in stages, and a redistribution device should be provided in the middle portion. The metal structure packed tower has the advantages of large production capacity, high separation efficiency, small pressure drop, small liquid holding capacity and large operational flexibility.