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Specific types and design priorities of U-tube heat exchanger heat exchange tubes
- Aug 11, 2018 -

U-tube heat exchanger is a common and commonly used type of heat exchanger. It is a specific type of shell-and-tube heat exchanger. On the components, it is a pipe box, a cylinder, a head, a heat exchange tube, and a take-over. , baffles, anti-shock plates, guide tubes, short-circuit proof structures, bearings and tube courses, and some other accessories. The heat exchanger is characterized by simple and compact structure, good sealing performance, low cost, good thermal compensation performance, strong pressure bearing capacity and convenient maintenance and cleaning. Therefore, it is suitable for high temperature and high pressure operation.


1. Types of heat exchange tubes in U-tube heat exchangers


Type 1: Ordinary heat exchange tube

If it is used for heat transfer, then use a cold drawn heat exchange tube. Moreover, the heat exchange tubes are various in form, and the smooth tubes are used because they have the advantages of low manufacturing cost and simple manufacturing process, and can withstand certain temperature differences and stresses. In addition, when the medium in the tube is corrosive, the tube should also have good corrosion resistance.

In the length specifications of the heat exchange tubes, there are 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m, 4.5 m, 6 m, 7.5 m, 9 m, and 12 m. If there is a certain heat exchange area, the heat exchange tube is longer, but if the length is too long, it will have an adverse effect on the heat exchanger installation and maintenance. On the heat exchange tube material, there are two kinds of metal materials and non-metal materials.


Type 2: High efficiency heat exchange tube

If you want to expand the effective heat transfer area or enhance heat transfer, and increase the heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger tube, you can use a high efficiency heat transfer tube instead of the ordinary heat transfer tube, because this heat exchange tube and The outside of the tube has the function of strengthening heat transfer, and the appropriate support can be used according to different working conditions to obtain the desired heat transfer effect.


2.U-tube heat exchanger design

U-tube heat exchanger, compared with other types of heat exchangers, the main difference is in the tube bundle structure. In the layout of the heat exchanger tubes, the tube bending radius size and the split diaphragm groove should be considered. The center of the adjacent tubes on both sides is the distance between the two, and the larger the tube diameter, the smaller the bend radius of the heat exchange tube. If the spacing between the inner U-tubes is too large, it can be referred to as a false pipe or a baffle to solve the problem.