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Selection of thin film evaporator and its main use flow
- Aug 29, 2018 -

In the selection process of the thin film evaporator, the first consideration is the production capacity and operating parameters, including the throughput, the concentration of the inlet and outlet, the temperature, the number of hours of operation, etc.; colleagues also need to combine product characteristics, including heat sensitivity, viscosity and fluidity ( At the operating temperature), foaming, solid content, crystallization and polymerization tendency, and the like.


On this basis, we must also fully consider the operating medium, field conditions and material selection and surface polishing requirements of the thin film evaporator, such as water vapor, cooling water, cleaning fluid, space, climate, energy and product connection, working platform. Wait.


The specific use of the thin film evaporator is mainly two processes, one is the effect of pressure on the steam effect, and the other is the cleaning work of the machine. The first thing to do is to clean. Before cleaning, you need to check whether the line is smooth, and also turn off all the tubes.


Then you need to pour hot water into the stainless steel storage tank, let the water pour into the tank by gravity, you can open the temperature instrument, fill the feed glass tank of the thin film evaporator, and turn off the vacuum pump. The next step is to open the cold water feed tank; then turn the vacuum pump on, and adjust the system pressure to the steam pressure.