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Scraper thin film evaporator operating principle and performance characteristics
- May 30, 2018 -

Scraper thin film evaporator is one of the evaporator types, and it is widely used in many industries and fields. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand this type of evaporator, and to use it properly and use it reasonably to obtain good results. Get good economic benefits.


Scraper thin film evaporator, which is a kind of external steam heating jacket installed in the shell, installed inside the rotatable scraper, the evaporation work through the scraper rotation to obtain the desired material or evaporation results. Therefore, this type of evaporator can be used for high viscosity, easy crystallization or fouling, as well as for the evaporation of suspension-containing and heat-sensitive materials.


How Scraper Thin Film Evaporators Work

Scraper film evaporator, mainly heating jacket and scraper these two components.

The feed liquid is preheated first, and then enters from the upper part of the evaporator in a tangential direction. Under the action of gravity and a rotating scraper, the feed liquid is distributed on the inner wall to form a down-swirl film, and is continuously evaporated and concentrated during the descending process. When the finished liquid is obtained, it is discharged from the bottom of the evaporator, and the resulting secondary steam is discharged from the top of the apparatus.


Scraper thin film evaporator performance characteristics


(1) This kind of evaporator has a high heat transfer coefficient, a large evaporation capacity and a strong evaporation capacity, and its evaporation intensity can reach 200 kg/m2•hr. Therefore, it has a high thermal efficiency.

(2) The heating time of the material in the evaporator is short, only 5 to 10 seconds. Moreover, if evaporating under vacuum conditions, then the evaporation effect of the heat-sensitive material is very good, because this operating condition is suitable for heat-sensitive materials, but also to ensure product quality.

(3) In the range of viscosity change of the material, it is very broad, so the material with low viscosity and high viscosity can be processed.

(4) By changing the rotation direction of the scraper groove, the material handling time in the evaporator can be adjusted.

(5) The inner wall of the evaporation section of the scraper thin film evaporator has been subjected to polishing and the like, so that the surface thereof is not prone to problems such as coking and scaling. Moreover, the evaporator has a small footprint, a simple and compact structure, convenient operation, and convenient maintenance and cleaning. Under confined conditions, continuous production can be controlled automatically.