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Safe use of thermal oil heated chemical reactor
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Thethermal oil heated chemical reactor is realized by the oil medium, which is also called the heat conduction oil furnace. The heat transfer oil is used as the heat carrier, and the electric heater is directly inserted into the organic carrier (heat transfer oil) to be heated to a certain temperature, and then passed through the high temperature oil pump. The liquid phase circulation is carried out to transfer the heated heat transfer oil to the heating equipment, and then the oil outlet of the hot equipment is returned to the electric heating oil furnace to form a complete circulation heating system.

That is to say, in practical applications, it is mainly heated by adding a heat transfer oil to the heating interlayer of thethermal oil heated chemical reactor. According to the size of the reactor, an appropriate amount of heat-conducting oil is added to the interlayer, and then a steam boiler is provided to heat the heat-conducting oil in the interlayer of the reaction vessel, and the heat-conducting oil acts as a constant temperature.

It should be noted that there is a spiral pipe inside the sandwich of the heat transfer oil heating reactor. Usually, the steam has an air inlet and an air outlet. These two ports are the two ports of the spiral pipe in the mezzanine. A trap is also installed at the air outlet after the air inlet and outlet are determined. A pressure valve is also installed on the mezzanine to ensure safe use.