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Rotary vacuum rake dryer use requirements
- Dec 20, 2018 -

The rotary vacuum rake dryer is an innovative horizontal batch vacuum dryer. The moisture of the wet material will evaporate by heat transfer. The agitator with the scraper will remove the material from the hot surface and move in the container to form a loop. The flowing, evaporated water will be pumped through the vacuum pump.

The rotary vacuum rake dryer adopts large-area heating method, which has large heat-conducting area and high thermal efficiency. The stirring is installed in the machine to make the raw materials in the cylinder form a continuous circular state in the cylinder, thereby greatly improving the uniform heating of the raw materials. The pulp, paste mixture or powder material can be easily dried by installing agitation in the machine.

Rotary vacuum rake dryer is not only suitable for slurry, paste mixture or powder raw materials; it can also be used for heat sensitive raw materials that need to be dried at lower temperature; raw materials are easily oxidized or exploded, and have strong irritancy or toxicity; And raw material that require recovery of solvents, and the like.

Use a rotary vacuum rake dryer to heat, after heating, direct the gas to the vacuum pressure gauge, the vacuum pressure gauge will produce a temperature rise; vacuum dry the chassis intake pipe and connect the vacuum pump power with a vacuum rubber hose; plug in the power supply, control the text easy to display number and set the temperature and heating mode.