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Rotary drum flaker product purchase route and its installation and maintenance
- Oct 06, 2018 -

There are different types of flakers, such as ring flakers, knife-edge flakers and drum flakers, and different types have different structures and performance characteristics, etc. the same. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand different types to achieve the correct selection and use of the type of flaker.


1. Product selection of Rotary drum flaker

Rotary drum flaker, there are different ways to purchase products. If you summarize them, there are three ways. One is to directly find the manufacturer of the product to purchase, and the other is to purchase through agents. Products, three are purchased on the industry website. If you are purchasing a drum type flaker on the industry website, you should know the contact information of the manufacturer, you can call to help smooth the purchase of the flaker.


2. Does the Rotary drum flaker have reference standards and their structural forms?

Rotary drum flaker, which has relevant reference standards. In its reference standard, it specifies the main parameters, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, and its logo, packaging, transportation and Storage and other specific aspects.


Body and drive of the Rotary drum flaker:

The lower part of the flaker body is the machine base. The motor and some electrical accessories are installed in the base, and there is an electric motor start-stop switch on the outside. The upper part of the fuselage is the working part, and there is a frame, a workbench, and a press. Shafts, feed shafts and adjustment mechanisms. When it is working, it is to open the switch and start the motor. When the flaker stops working, it closes the switch.

The drive of the drum type flaker is generally driven by a motor, and the drive shaft is driven to rotate by a pulley.


In addition, during the use of the Rotary drum flaker, the material feed thickness is adjusted and realized by the adjusting hand wheel above the frame, and the thickness is reached by the lifting and lowering of the conveying system pressing shaft and the feeding shaft. Adjust this purpose.


3. Installation and maintenance of Rotary drum flaker

The installation of the Rotary drum flaker should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the requirements and specifications, and no wrong operation can be carried out to ensure that the equipment can be installed in place and has a good installation effect. During the installation process, grounding is also required to ensure the safety of the flaker. The maintenance of the equipment is mainly to lubricate the work, to be fully lubricated, and to do the daily cleaning and regular maintenance of the Rotary drum flaker.