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Rotary drum flaker dryer structure and application
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Rotary drum flaker dryer use a drum-type blade for flaking, drum-type flakers for organic seats, knife rolls, impellers, magnetic separation, separation, weight separation, vibration feed, hydraulic systems, and brake systems. There are also auxiliary equipment such as grinding head adjustment device.


It is widely used in rubber, plastic, wire, cable and other industries, and is an indispensable equipment for preparing test strips. Using the flaker, various test pieces with a thickness of 1 to 12 mm can be obtained, and the surface of the test piece is smooth and uniform, the thickness is uniform, and the thickness tolerance can be controlled within 0.2 mm.



3. Main technical specifications and usage instructions of the drum type flaker

The main technical national anthem of the drum type flaker is the width of the table, the thickness of the slice, the size of the cutting blade and the size of the device.


The instructions for the use of the drum flaker are:

(1) The lower part of the flaker body is the machine base, and there are some components and accessories inside to ensure the normal operation and use of the equipment.


(2) On the device, there are start and stop switches through which the start and stop of the device are controlled. In addition, there are grounding treatments or measures to ensure the safe operation of the flaker and to ensure safe operation of the operator.


(3) The thickness of the test piece can be adjusted by the adjustment hand wheel above the rack.


(4) The inspection before the drum type flaker is indispensable, mainly for some key parts and important parts. If there are problems, it will be solved in time, and the safety hazards will be eliminated in time. When the equipment is used, clean, clean and routine maintenance work to extend the life of the flaker.