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Protective measures for spiral plate heat exchangers
- Nov 07, 2018 -

If there is a scaling problem in the spiral plate heat exchanger, the heat transfer coefficient will be lowered, and in severe cases, the plate passage will be blocked. In its structural design, the plate has a large number of supporting contacts, which are places where solid impurities or fibers are easily accumulated, and it is easy to cause localized retention of fluid and scaling. In addition, Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the medium will precipitate solids to form scale, and the scale and plugging cause are different, but the effect is the same.


In this case, care should be taken to keep the environment of the spiral plate heat exchanger clean, preferably not in a dirty or fouling environment, and when using unsoftened cooling water as the medium, the operating temperature should be controlled at 50. Below °C.


Another common problem is clogging. Due to the limited flow path of the spiral plate heat exchanger, debris larger than 1.5 to 3.0 is likely to block the passage, causing the device to fail due to clogging. Precautions: Set a coarse filter or flushing device at the inlet of the medium to effectively prevent the blockage of the equipment and improve the heat transfer effect of the spiral plate heat exchanger.http://www.syhgzben.com/